Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who's a slacker?

It's me!

So, here's the short version - shooter got scrapped, I made a puzzle game, hit a brick wall trying to get someone to make graphics for it, and am now instead helping with programming on a fighting game built in Python.

Unfortunately the game is already some 30-40% finished, and HAS a designer, so I won't be doing design, but I figure the game programming experience (even though it's not a language I'd prefer) will be useful. This HAS convinced me that you really need at least two people to build this sort of thing. One-man teams tend to cause you to lose sight of scope, and of course there are the technical limitations you hit having only one skill set available.

So, recently (and by recently I mean "for the past year") I've been playing League of Legends, (there's an old post about it, that I may not agree with so much these days). I'm toying with the idea of throwing my own champion evaluations/changes up here, but I have to both get the time and stop being lazy when I do.

We'll see how it goes, but I just figured I'd do a "hey I haven't forgotten about this!" post, mostly to remind myself!

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